Come here, Creme de Menthe

I would like to know in what booze-fueled state of intoxication did it become okay to name your pet after an alcoholic beverage?

Cutesy names irritate me but they do not enrage me the way this trend does.  I’d take a Mister Cuddles McFluffykins over Kahlua, Stoli and Grey Goose any day. 

It was Christmas day when I was faced with my nephew’s dog, Jager, as in Jagermeister, that I started feeling the rage.

Here was this adorable boxer mix saddled with this name because my nephew thought it was oh-so-funny.  I guess I should be grateful that said nephew was only drunk and not high when he named the dog.  I couldn’t have taken Toke, Blaze or Bongwater either. 

I personally blame Kathie Lee Gifford for this trend.  Shuddering, I remember her back on the “Regis and Kathie Lee” show rambling on and on about  her dogs, Chablis and Chardonnay. 

Seriously, folks.  Do you really want to emulate Kathie Lee?  Can’t we all strive to be better than that?

Now go take little Slippery Nipple for a walk and think about what you have done.


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