What have I done?

Ah, this blog has basically become the story of my pets.  I’m okay with that but some feedback would be appreciated to know if anyone is reading this and if so, enjoying knowing about them?

A word about my job–there is a specific policy that prohibits me from posting specific information on any social media about things that go on there, I guess to protect the idiots–I mean Innocents!–that call in to our dispatch center.  I completely understand this.  It wouldn’t do for the public at large to think that the person on the other end of 9-1-1 isn’t a true professional and taking their call seriously.  And for the most part, I do take those calls seriously.

Still, there are some that aren’t worthy of protection.  There are some that have no business calling an emergency line.  These are the people who, if I were to violate this policy, I would be talking about.  And if I were to violate said policy and post something and that person just happened to read my blog, I would hope he or she would have enough self-respect not to admit to being the dumbass who made that call and complain about it.

That being said, most of the levity at work comes at the expense of the general public.  Sorry, but there is a high percentage of idiocy out there when it comes to dealing with the police and emergency situations.  And it’s funny!!  I completely take my job seriously and would never, ever let a little giggle get in the way of doing my job.  But in the downtime, yeah, it’s fair game.  That’s just the way it is.

A lot of times we’re laughing at each other and some of the dumb things we do too.  Because we have to divide our attention between radios, phones and each other, sometimes we hear things a little skewed.

Like last night when I thought I was being helpful.  I overheard one of my co-workers trying to help an officer find a location, which they thought was an apartment complex.  I chimed in to tell them that no, it is most likely a UPS store and what they thought was an apartment number was a box number.

This filtered into another conversation going on about Ted Williams being cryogenically frozen and where they are keeping his head.

The end result?  My co-workers now think I believe Ted Williams’ noggin is resting at a UPS store.

The jokes flew from there.  Ted Williams’ head helping out at the store, Ted Williams’ head showing up in the big bin of styrofoam peanuts, Ted Williams’ head being available for customers to use his tongue to lick stamps.

No moral to this tale, other than explaining to you that you’ll either be reading stories about my animals or the nuts I work with and talk to each day.



One thought on “What have I done?

  1. I read you and enjoy your viewpoints.
    poor Ted Williams. life would get dull in a UPS store. I would like
    my frozen head to live at Disneyland or somewhere fun like that.
    but my hair must be styled daily and colored. no bad hair even
    in the afterlife–that is my wish.



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