My TV Land

This post is part of a prompt asking what TV shows you watch in syndication no matter how many times you’ve seen them. 

I would love to hear my readers’ answers to this one! Discussing TV makes me hap-hap-happy! 

The Golden Girls
Losing the actresses one by one in the last few years makes me so sad. I cannot help but laugh when I see this show, enjoy the writing and the chemistry between the cast. The fact that they made a show about a group of women in their “golden” years so fresh and fun was a miracle. And those 80’s grandma fashions! FABulous! 

Law and Order
I love the original show and SVU and even if I’ve seen an episode several times, they suck me in. Their excellent guest stars and ripped-from-the-headlines stories make these shows compulsively watchable. 

Will and Grace
The show that made it okay to be gay and be funny, in love, lonely, bitchy, smart and drunk. Or to love someone who is all those things. I cry every time I see the last episode and listen to Jack and Karen’s “Unforgettable” duet. The talent in that cast was endless. 

Not to repeat too much but again, the cast, the writing and of course the impeccable comic timing. David Hyde Pierce as Niles was absolute uptight perfection. 


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