My Morning Joe Jones

I’m duckin’ right now so I don’t get hit by flying mugs thrown by coffee drinkers at small, locally owned coffee shops.

I know, I’m sorry but I am picking a chain for my brew of choice. DD’s coffee blend is perfectly mellow so it’s just my cup of…um…tea. And when I ask for coffee with cream and sugar, they get the formula right every time! Just light enough, just sweet enough.

At first I thought Dunkin’ Donuts trained their staff really, really well. And then I discovered that they have machines that dispense pre-measured shots of cream and sugar.

So maybe I just love those machines. I would buy one for home use if they sold them. I can get DD coffee at the store now so why not?

Oh, I found out about the cream/sugar machines one day when I ordered iced tea instead of coffee. The girl working the drive-thru asked me if I wanted sweetened or unsweetened tea. I asked if she could do half and half. Her reply? “We only have 2 percent, skim and whole milk.”


So I clarified that I wanted my ICED TEA to have a mixture of half sweetened, half unsweetened tea and to that she said, “Oh, okay. We do sugar shots so I’ll only put half the number of shots in.”

When I pulled up to the window, sure enough I saw her pushing buttons on a machine to put sugar in my tea.

But you know what? It was still a mighty fine glass of half-sweet tea.

Feel free to berate me now about who you think has the best coffee. Or tea. Or any other beverage you believe I need to be educated about.


One thought on “My Morning Joe Jones

  1. I heart the ea at Panda Express! the best!!!!
    and no, not cuz I am obsessed w/Panda. it really is good
    tea. but I take mine unsweetened just like I am.


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