Something I Wish I Hadn't Thrown Away

Something I wish I'd never thrown away? Hmm…there are so many ways to go on this.

My good credit would be number one. When I ponder those if-I-could-turn-back-time moments (not involving Cher. Sorry, Diva!) this is where I always go. If only I hadn't applied for all those credit cards as a college student and then college drop-out. Didn't they know I wasn't responsible enough to handle it? It was play money.

Actual tangible items I wish I had never thrown away? Can't think of one. "Things" are nice to have but I don't like to lament their loss. It is too much living in the past for me.

I have been through ups and downs financially and when things were at their worst, I had to get rid of almost everything. Sell it or give it away to fit my life into a tiny, affordable, one-bedroom apartment. And one thing I can tell you for sure. If you can get through something like that, it gets better and you get your "things" back. And that makes you less inclined to base your worth on what you own.

What I can't get over? Things that are taken from me. It's one thing to voluntarily sell, donate or toss something. It's quite another to lose it because someone decided your stuff would be better as their stuff.

During my divorce, most of my kitchen items mysteriously vanished from storage. To this day whenever I am in the midst of a recipe and realized I no longer have the necessary kitchen tool, I have a few bleeping words to say about whoever decided to take my stuff.

So I guess what I truly wish I hadn't thrown away was my independence and single life, at least the first marriage-go-round. At least I'd still have a freaking citrus reamer when I need it!

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