Family Vacation

Day Two–thought I’d get an early start on today’s post and even have inspiration!

And yes, I will admit that an episode of Tori and Dean was what inspired me. They took their family on an RV trip across the country and it actually left me longing to do something similar.

Add that to finding a Facebook page for one of the many tourist attractions my family visited when I was a child and it was a formula for a post!

After growing up driving and camping for every vacation as a kid, I swore I was never going to do that again. Vacation should be a flight, a hotel and a beach.

But then I realized what I am missing when I limit myself this way. All the kitschy, tacky, glorious tourist traps that are so American.

The good (like an idyllic camping spot on a lake in Vermont) and the bad (camping behind a gas station in Flagstaff while my brothers both had raging cases of stomach flu) are all part of fond memories now.

The cheap souvenirs that I treasured as a kid. The photos of caverns and forts and theme parks.

Home movies of my dad washing dishes at the campsite, my mom managing to look glamorous while taking care of three kids and only having a communal bathroom to primp in.

Our family pets along for the ride.

The other families who came along and saved us from getting too bored and/or mad at each other and committing homicide.

My dad telling us an Indian shot the cigarette right out of his mouth as we drove through Arizona.  Pardon the stereotype but as a 5-year-old it was totally believable. 

Making new friends at every campground we stayed at.  For a sometimes shy little girl, it was a major achievement. 

And the absolute, utter relief of pulling into our driveway and being home again. 

Excuse me while I go research RV rentals!