A Rational Discussion on Body Image

My friend Shannon and I chat pretty much every day by email or text and quite often, it’s hilarious and loopy.  Today was no exception.  Our conversations center on our daily lives and that quite often includes our struggles with weight.  She had an extra special glimpse into her concerns tonight:

my size is fat ass getting fatter by the day. again OH EM GEE
not gonna fit in any of my clothes for Chic at this rate. or capsize the touristy boat
when I go across to take a photo. oops…boat rollover in the Michigan!  and you will
see me w/wet hair looking like a half drowned rat and one of my hats all misshapen
on my head as everyone points the finger at me for tipping the boat on CNN.

I’m sure it won’t be so but I couldn’t help but share this since it made me laugh so hard, my belly jiggled like a bowl full of jelly.

Yeah, I don’t have body image issues myself, huh?