Don’t Hold the Mayo

I spent the morning on the phone with the Mayo Clinic. Haven’t even set foot in their building yet but already I am impressed with their professionalism.

Backtracking a little, my medical situation has changed a bit since I last did any sort of in-depth post about it. I moved from my first gastroenterologist to a new one, who I thought had all the answers. Well, he didn’t. When I thought he’d given me a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, he said he had actually told me I had a non-specific (read mysterious) colitis that was leaning towards Crohn’s. In other words, I have all the symptoms of Crohn’s disease except for the one he needed to see to know for sure.

What I do have is a form of colitis that is rare. And he admitted that he doesn’t see many cases like mine so he referred me to the Mayo Clinic. They obviously have a larger patient base and have more experience with my illness.

So I go see the new doctor soon and have spent quality time on the phone with various departments within the clinic making sure they have every bit of information they need.

Anyone who has sat in a doctor’s waiting room filling out countless forms should be able to appreciate being able to bypass that and do all the work from home via phone or computer. I know I am. I practically fill out these forms as a job these days.

Does anyone else remember how “they” told us years ago that we would soon have one handy card that holds all of our medical information so that it could be easily accessed by any doctor or hospital? I keep wishing for that.

In the meantime, I will take one well-organized medical clinic. And keeping my fingers crossed that they can find some new answers for me.