In my quest for 30 blogs in 30 days, I should probably introduce you to Ramon.

Ramon is my pocket gnome.  He was a gift from my friend, Shannon.  Ramon travels with me when I go on vacation and often appears in vacation photos.

My gnome obsession started when Shannon and I first christened one of my online dates “the gnome”.  Don’t feel sorry for him.  He stood me up…twice.  You may or may not be introduced to him in my love life saga when I reach the online love search portion.

Many gnome gifts followed.  A picture frame, magnets, a key chain and of course Ramon.  Ramon has a travelling companion named Cedric as well.  Cedric is another pocket gnome but he’s a bit more reserved.

My favorite picture of Ramon is one where he is submerged in the swimming pool at our hotel in Key West.  He was the subject of my first underwater photograph taken with Dan’s new camera.  And before you ask, yes the camera is designed for underwater use.

As soon as I can figure out how to format this picture of Ramon so that WordPress likes it, I will be adding it to my blog.

For Gnome on the Range, AKA Gnome de Plume is nothing without Ramon.