My Heart Belongs to Hello Kitty

I guess after admitting that I travel with a pocket gnome, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I adore Hello Kitty.

No, I’m not Paris Hilton, a tween or a Japanese girl.  Just a girl who discovered Hello Kitty in the 70’s and has loved her ever since.

Back when I could legitimately love HK without fear of ridicule, I discovered a display of her wares in a department store when my mom dragged me shopping.  I was probably around nine and admiring all the miniature pencils and pens was far preferable to being embarrassed as my mom harangued the sales staff for one infraction or another.

I’ve always been a sucker for things in miniature.  Doll houses especially get me with all the little furniture and fixtures.  Along came HK with teeny, tiny writing implements and coin purses, all with her cute mouth-less face peering out at me.  I was in heaven!

My favorite purchase was not actually Hello Kitty per se but a tiny stuffed lion in a little plastic capsule.  The pencils got used and lost but I had that silly little lion for many, many years.  I still mourn his loss.  I have no idea during which move he disappeared but I am heartbroken that I somehow misplaced him.

Hello Kitty is everywhere now and I’m glad because she makes me smile and if I want some whimsy in my life, I can usually find something small to tuck in my purse so as not to embarrass myself too much.  I don’t decorate with HK because frankly Dan would probably leave me if I suddenly made our bathroom a Kitty zone.

But I still remember when I felt like I was the first one to discover her and that makes her mine.