What a Wonderful World!

The title of this post is supposed to be ironic. Because lately my world has pretty much shrunk to the size of my bed. Literally. I spend a whole bunch of time in bed because of pain or overwhelming fatigue.

Luckily I have the windows of both TV and my laptop internet connection that expands my world a bit but otherwise this is pretty much it. Oh, I can’t forget the bathroom because that plays a major role too.

Luckily, I have my sweet girl, Ellie, keeping me company today. She’s ninety pounds of furry love and she makes me feel better. And then there are the days when my wonderful husband joins me in what I call “bed picnics”. He transports an entire meal upstairs to our bed so we can enjoy it together. He even tolerates the way the dogs manage to corner him on his side of the bed, leaving him about one square foot to try to eat his meal. And I can’t help laughing at this, even though Dan doesn’t think it’s particularly funny.

I almost forgot about my phone, which does help me connect with the outside world too. Though I wish it would go away at times. Bill collectors are NOT my idea of interesting conversationalists and avoiding their annoying calls isn’t my idea of fun.

This tiny world does make me so much more appreciative when I feel well enough to expand my horizons and venture outside. Blue sky! Trees! Traffic! Oh wait, I hate traffic. But that’s okay, because it’s been a couple of weeks since I yelled at another driver. I’ve saved up and have a whole bevy of names to call them. Dumbass! Moron! Dickhead! Asshat!

Confinement does not make me any sweeter, apparently.

Ah yes, what a wonderful world!