I’m well aware I missed my post yesterday. Thought I could knock it out before midnight but I was just not feeling it.

Yesterday was a tough day. Hoping for answers from doctors and I got them, just not the answers I was looking for.

After thinking about it, I realized I was putting so much emphasis on getting a certain answer that when I got a different one, I wasn’t ready to accept it.

And the other problem was encountering a new doctor whose bedside manner wasn’t all it could be, at least for me. I’m partly to blame because I expected him to wave a magic wand (or a magic prescription pad) and make all the pain go away.

The last thing I wanted to hear was that it will take time. There isn’t an easy fix. And when you’re in pain, that’s not good enough.

Sorry to make this so personal, so all about me in a moment and not entertaining for everyone to read.

Sometimes that’s all I’ve got.