Post -a-day

Talking with Shannon, I have decided I need to really commit myself to this blog. Whether it’s funny, sad, infuriating or boring, I am going to post something every day for a month.

Because I’ve been off work for what feels like forever and has in actuality been only about a week, I am going stir crazy. (In case you’re wondering, I’ve been home due to an as-yet-diagnosed medical issue.)

Why is it when I have to go to work every day, I want nothing more than to stay home, nap and hang out with my dogs? But when I actually get to do that, I am bored beyond belief?

So far I’ve had reality TV to keep me company. Tori and Dean, Say Yes to the Dress (how I love you, Kleinfelds), Top Chef, Ghost Hunters.

I should be thanking God for loyal and supportive friends and family but no. I am thankful for gratuitous celebrity gossip and my DVR.

Okay, I’m thankful for the friends and family too. Very much so. Just wish they’d do something like shop for a wedding dress or renew their vows to show the world their marriage isn’t in trouble.

Is it too much to ask that you all let a demonic entity into your house so I can enjoy watching someone scare it away?