What a Twit.

Before I continue with the epic of my love life, I have to admit something.

I tend to have a love/hate relationship with new gadgets and/or fads.  If I embrace them, I do so completely.  But I hate the feeling that people need to have the latest and greatest.  And once you buy into whatever the hot thing du jour is, you are stuck.  You have to improve it whenever the newest generation comes along.

I fought against and triumphed:  bluetooth, Blu-ray, Jersey Shore, Grey’s Anatomy and clothing for dogs (other than hats–Ellie loves hats)

I fought against and lost to:  digital cameras, Ipods, flat screen TVs, mobile internet on my cell phone, a DVR and the latest, Twitter.

Twitter was something I didn’t understand and for the most part, still don’t.  I only signed up two days ago, under the enormous pressure to be in the know when it comes to some of my favorite people.  Okay, celebrities and/or authors.  Who do qualify as people too.

But I am definitely never, EVER watching Jersey Shore.  Snooki who?